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Source: Bon Dia Aruba. Illegal alien being abused by Warda nos Costa
Human rights violations in Aruba
The truth about human rights violations of foreigners and the abuse of illegal aliens in Aruba
UNHCR logo
Office of the Governor of Aruba, the formal representative of the Dutch Crown in Aruba
Migrants and refugees in Aruba
Contradictory policies for migrants, asylum seekers and refugees allow abuse and ill treatment of foreigners
The Dutch Double Standards is a central campaign of Rainbow Warriors International.

It focuses on denouncing the use of double standards in the Dutch Kingdom, whether it concerns the rule of law, functioning and performance or the lack thereof of the executive, legislative and judicial powers in the Dutch Caribbean, which includes the island of Aruba.

All animals are equal, but some are more equal than others
Coming soon in this section:

Why European born Dutch nationals seem to have more inalienable rights than Caribbean born Dutch nationals.
A look at institutionalized discrimination within the Dutch Kingdom
The Aruban Press under Fire
The Aruban Government and Attorney General are continuously at odds with local news media about the extent of the freedom of press in coverage of blatant corruption involving cabinet members of the Executive Power in Aruba and the criticisms about the "sloppy, biased and collusion prone" fashion the Attorney General sets about investigating cases of corruption.
A USD 5,000 token of appreciation given by a US national to the Aruban Minister of the Environment in exchange for a lucrative waste management contract
Beware of crooks bearing gifts
Why it is perfectly OK to shower members of the Executive in Aruba with expensive gifts to express gratitude for awarded lucrative (and crooked) contracts.
Sticker campaign to expose corruption in Aruba
The Aruba landfill at Parkietenbos, site of controversy and high level pork barrel politics in Aruba
Wasting Taxpayers' Money Big Time
Waste management at the Government controlled landfill in Aruba has become a dirty business, with no participation from environmentalists, consumers or industry.
The selection in a very controversial bidding process of an unproven technology from the USA to convert mountains of unsorted trash into a "harmless and odorless" filler material.
Sticker campaign to protest against proposed resort project
Proposed site for luxury hotel at Fishermen's Huts location will endanger nesting beaches for Loggerhead turtles
Planned luxury hotel fires debate about carrying capacity
A proposed project, valued at USD 175 million has sparked controversy in Aruba and has citizens, opposition politicians, turtle conservationists, environmental organizations and even green hoteliers up in arms.
Why this project and several other planned resort projects may tax the natural and human resources in Aruba beyond the point of no return.
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